By bus from Central station

tickets can be purchased form bus driver (more expensive), or you can purchase multiple use ticket (15 strips strippenkaart ) at 'kiosk' at Central station, newspaper shops, post offices and all Albert Hein shops.

You need to stamp 3 'strips' to go here from the central station

  • By Bus 11: exit at the bus stop "Botanische tuinen". Cross the parking lot and enter the Kruytgebouw, (Padualaan 8).

  • By Bus 12 (12S): exit at the bus stop "Kruytgebouw". Just cross the street and you have the "Kruytgebouw", Padualaan 8, in front of you.

After entering the Kruytgebouw, take the elevator to the 5th floor. My office is in the South wing (Z), room Z501, phone 030-2533694 (inside University 3694).

 Local map